Project Activity

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Layer 1 Core WOSE (Development)
1. Survey available SwE BOKs and choose a BOK  Status: Done, ERAU SwE BOK
2. Extract knowledge components from the SwE BOK
2.1 Knowledge Workers Develop Terms/Glossary, Thesauri, Formal Is-a, Frames (properties and relationships). In Progress....
2.2 Develop / Identify software tools for Knowledge Workers In Progress....
3. Identify an ontology articulation language: DAML (Why) Done
4. Locate and survey ontology libraries that can be used to add further semantics (i.e. clarify BOK terms in lower level knowledge component) to the BOK

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4.1 DAML library, SWRC, KA2,Upper Cyc® Ontology  In Progress....

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4.2 Apply Ontology Merging Techniques, software and services In Progress....
5. Use DAML to express the ontology and publish it
5.1 Identify / Develop software tools for DAML processing (generating valid DAML representation of WOSE) In Progress....
5.2 Develop initial WOSE API TBD
6. Evaluation of Success: Does Core WOSE meet its objective? TBD
6.1 Metrics to be collected on WOSE TBD


Layer 2 Semantic Search  TBD (Deployment)
Layer 3 CASE Tool Integration TBD (Deployment)