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DAML: The Foundation of an Intelligent Web (an IEEE article)

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On August 2000, DARPA has launched a six year program to create technologies that will enable software agents to dynamically identify and understand information sources, and to provide semantic interoperability between agents. The success of these next generation software agents  will depend on the availability of a semantically rich knowledge base (ontology). Consequently the first phase of the DARPA program is to create a language that allows users to provide machine-readable semantic annotations to their data. This evolving language is known as the DARPA Agent Mark-Up Language (DAML).

DAML provides a rich set of constructs with which to create ontologies and to markup information so that it is machine readable and understandable. DAML has changed its name in December 2000 to DAML+OIL, to reflect the coming together of DAML and another ontology language effort, OIL. DAML is written in RDF[RDF], i.e., DAML+OIL markup is a specific kind of RDF markup. RDF, in turn, is written in XML, using XML Namespaces[XMLNS], and URIs.

DAML starts with RDF (subject/predicate/object, A minimalist survival guide to RDF) and RDF Schema (subClass, subProperty, domain/range). It relies on XML (A minimalist survival guide to XML) for its serialization syntax. It then adds:domain-depended range,cardinality constraint and support for concrete types (through XML Schema) [From Dan Connolly's briefing 01/03/01]