About me and this site


I am an academic researcher. I am employed with https://order-essays.com/blog-articles-for-sale/ and offer different blog articles for sale. Now I am interested in conducting research on the development and deployment of Semantic Web technologies. More specifically, I am interested in exploring and developing agent technologies that facilitate ontology reuse in the Semantic Web. I am in the process of developing a research agenda and I plan to start my PhD in Fall 2003.


I have worked in developing a software engineering body of knowledge [FAA-funded]. Our main activity was to catalog the already existing software engineering knowledge. The World Wide Web turned out to be one of the major sources of information. However, as most of the information on the Web is human consumable only (i.e. HTML or its variant), automation of intelligent information processing was not possible. The catalog had to be developed manually. The fact that it took us (5 researchers) more than a year to catalog already existing machine readable (not understandable!) information, motivated me to look at research aimed at putting computer understandable information on the Web.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Semantic Web is already well underway ,in fact it was the part of the original vision of the Web. I am eager to be a part of this revolution. I am working on two projects to get my feet wet before I start my doctoral work. The first one is a toy project on developing a graduate student ontology in DAML+OIL and the second is developing an ontology driven portal to Software Engineering Education Resources. I plan to get both of them done before I start my school in Fall 2003. 

Here is my resume  in (DAML+OIL) coming soon.





Old Java-Emporium: 

Originally the site contained detailed description of the WOSE project that I was working on when I was a visiting professor at Embry Riddle. Most of the information related to that are still available in the projects section. Some of the outdated pages have been removed.