title Knowledge Annotation Initiative of the Knowledge Acquisition Community (KA)2

authors Asuncion Gomez Perez, Dieter Fensel, Richard Benjamins

affiliation Dept. of Social Science Informatics (SWI)

wherePublished Web publication please see paper location


paperLocation http://www.swi.psy.uva.nl/usr/richard/ka2/research-topic.html

title OilED 1.4 Quick Start

authors Sean Bechofer

affiliation Information Management Group

Department of Computer Science

University of Manchester

wherePublished with the software


paperLocation intranet: Valkyrie

title DAML Technology Proposal "ASCS" - Teknowledge Proprietary

authors Adam Pease, John Li, Chris Barbee

affiliation Teknowledge (Palo Alto)

wherePublished Web site


paperLocation http://projects.teknowledge.com/DAML/ASCS-forPartners.doc

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