process step 1.1 

Domain:  Model of a person applying for a computer science graduate program

Experts: (Process change note: may be the term should be stakeholders?)   The admissions committee  

Domain reference list:
Sources used: schools (non exhaustive) Lehigh prelim as base -- to be refined later

Narrative of a reference application:

Graduate committee has to look at the data and process information - connect the dots -- example question etc. This system will be a match maker of sort ..



Competency Questions (Process change note: May be some mention of data collection forms) 

/* The following is NOT Competency Questions -- they are just some raw data type questions that the graduate  application form */

Contact/ID Information: 

Last name (family name): * First name: * Initial: Street Address: City: State / Province: Country: Zip / Postcode: Home Phone: Office Phone: Email: * Website: 

US Citizen?

Educational Goals Degree Program for Application: *

Date of Entrance: Primary Research Interest: Secondary Research Interest: 

Funding Requirements: full /partial etc.

Educational History Last 3 schools attended / attending (most recent first): name, location City-State, degree-date, GPA

Test Scores GRE Verbal: * GRE Quantitative: * GRE Analytical: GRE Written Test:

TOEFL is required unless English is your native language Native English Speaker OR TOEFL: 

CS preparation Computer Based Completed Coursework  

Data Structures CSE 017 - Structured Programming and Data Structures 

Boolean Circuits and Assembly Language ECE 033 

Introduction to Computer Engineering Computer Architecture ECE 201

Computer Architecture Operating Systems CSE 303 

Operating System Design 

No. of Semesters of Math (Calculus and above) 

Publications List your last three authored or co-authored publications. For each, give its URL (if available online), and indicate the type of publication. Title: URL: Type of Publication: Title: URL: Type of Publication: Title: URL: Type of Publication: Industry Experience Number of years experience (full time): Information on most recent position Name of Company: Title: Location (City, State or Country) Briefly describe your job from a technical perspective


Initial descriptions of possible instances of the classes of the ontology: Student Abir? 


7. Conduct postmortem and document lessons learned