Evolution of Semantic Web Languages


Language/Technology Time Role Contact/URI
SHOE 1996 Prototype language, had an influence on all its successors SHOE at UMD
OIL  Late nineties European proposal for a Semantic Web Standard. It is based on  proposals such as OKBC, XOL and RDF and enriches them with necessary features for expressing ontologies.  OIL


DAML 10-10-2000 Dr. Hendler's comments on the first public release:

"As program manager of the "DARPA Agent Markup Language" initiative, I am pleased to announce the first release of a significant piece of the DAML language. DAML is an effort to help bring the 'semantic web' into being, focusing on the eventual creation of a web logic language. It represents joint work between DoD, industry and academia in both the US and the European Community and we hope it will lead to the eventual web standard in this area."



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DAML+OIL 01-11-2001 11 January 2001 DAML+OIL (December 2000) a joint EU/US 
committee was established to examine the DAML-ONT language release and to produce a more stable version, and make it more consistent with OIL 
OWL Evolving: W3C Recommendation expected by December Will be the leading Semantic Web language once completed OWL
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