Resources for WOSE developers

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Software Tools (Java and C)
  • DAML Viewer: Open Source simple viewer.
  • OntoEdit: Ontology Engineering Environment. NOT open source but freely usable in Binary form. Works with DAML-OIL December Version<?>
  • OILed: OIL editor (but capable of importing DAML) can be coupled with Fact Reasoner to check for  consistencies
  • Sergey Melnik's famous RDF API: Used by a lot of DAML and RDF/RDFS tools
  • Protege - and RDF enabled Knowledge Base Editor
  • The Validating RDF Parser (VRP)  FRODO RDFSViz an RDF Visualization tool. It can be used as an online service or downloaded
  • W3C SiRPAC It can be used as an online service or downloaded
  • DAML
  • Semantic Web Community Portal
  • W3 Semantic Web Activity
  • Stanford KNOWS
  • Adam Farquhar's Page
  • Enrico Franconi's page
  • Peter Clarks Page (utexas)

Web Services

  • Chimæra for creating and maintaining distributed ontologies on the web
  • Ontolingua  for providing a distributed collaborative environment to browse, create, edit, modify, and use ontologies
  • gateway service // link missing!
Web enabled Ontology Software Resource Pages
  • DAML tools and a wish list of future DAML tools from the DAML site
  • RDF tools by Dave Beckett
  • Open source XML tools
  • XML Cover pages

Conferences and Papers