Key DAML players Compiled from the Official DAML site

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ACADEMIA (Stanford, CMU, MIT, UMBC, ISI, UWF, Yale and Kerstel)

INDUSTRY(BBN, CyCorp, DRC, GRCI, LOMC, SRI, Teknowledge, Ontology Work)

Project Advisors
  • Dr. Killian Stoffel
  • Dr. Ramanthan V. Guha
  • Dr. Peter Patel-Schneider




Agent Services for DAML - DAML ontologies and tools for advertising, requesting and discovering agent services, as well as advertisment authoring tools and matchmaking algorithms for middle agents. Dr. Katia Sycara, Dr. Terry Payne, Joseph Giampapa Nokia Research Center,
MIT, Semantic Web Concept by the World Wide Web Consortium leaders

Tim Berners-Lee, Prof. Lynn Andrea Stein, Dan Connolly, Prof. David Karger, Danny Weitzner

Stanford University, Knowledge Systems Laboratory,
Tools for DAML-based services, document templates, and query-answering - a DAML-enabled web services capability, a template-based document authoring capability, and DAML-based query-answering capability Prof. Richard Fikes, Dr. Deborah McGuinness, Dr. Sheila McIlraith
Stanford University and University of Karlsruhe,
OnTo Agents, Enabling intelligent agents on the Web - developing infrastructure components: OnTo Agents webpage annotation tool, an ontology articulation toolkit, and inference system, demonstrating the capability in a logistics application, an OnToCargo-Agent for scheduling freight transport using annotated web pages  Prof. Gio Wiederhold, Dr. Stefan Decker,  Prof. Rudi Studer, Siegfried Handschuh
Tools for Info annotation, sharing, and retrieval - as a vertical portal and testbed, integrating agents and the web, and interaction with knowledge-based and rule-based reasoning languages Prof. Tim Finin,  Prof. Benjamin Grosof,  Dr. James Mayfield, Paul McNamee
WebScripter - tools for composing ontology-enabled web services for the ordinary end-user - enabling end users to quickly and easily construct useful reports (few minutes using a five page manual) Dr. Pedro Szekely, , Dr. Martin Frank
University of West Florida,
An extended model theory for 'semi' public pages based on notions of access, and semantic responsibility Dr. Patrick Hayes
Yale University, BBN Technologies, Kestrel Institute,
Automatic tools for mappings between ontologies - exploring concepts of theory morphism, equation solving to develop ontology translation services Prof. Drew McDermott,   Dr. Mark Burstein (BBN), Dr. Doug Smith



Name and Location DAML Product (Software) Description             Reusability Status Relevant pages of the Web site (3 to 4)
BBN ( page) Crawler / Viewer DARPA Integartion and Transition contractor, other players interfaces with them. Maintainer of the DAML site                                 Open source software Mostly
Booz-Allen and Hamilton Personal Information Agent 28 month contract to Develop DAML describing web services and apply it at a sub-HTML document level (details unavailable) (details unavailable) (details unavailable)
Cycorp Ontology Interpretation Tool, Ontology Elaboration Tool and Ontology Translation Tool interpret, elaborate, and translate locally defined DAML ontologies and connect them globally to semantic content throughout the DAMLized Web. (details unavailable) (details unavailable)
DRC DAML markup tool Site contains real world examples of DAML Ontology and DAML Artifacts (instance data).


No tools of their own

Used: SiRPAC, XML Spy,MS Access Visual Basic

CALL thesarus ontology

CALL thesarus artifact

GRCI Components for Ontology Driven Push

UML based tools

computationally tractable representation of DAML ontologies using UML based tools, including UML visualizations, DAML ontologies, and Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) data structure representations. A DAML-Enhanced UML Tool (DEUT) will be developed to interactively construct ontologies and investigate their articulations. UML tools (Rational ROSE)  and VBs Latest

Different ways to DAMLize

Lockheed Martin Management And Data Systems UML-based ontology toolset ontology definition, an ontology consistency checking tool, and UML-to-DAML compliant translation tool. argo UML (open source) Some lessons

HW 3 (content generation from text)

SRI Service on Semantic Web (process model) Knowledge creation tools to enable description of contents and capabilities of web sites, programs, sensors, and other computational entities Maude HW pages
Teknowledge Semantically Grounded Briefings A briefing associate as an extension of PowerPoint Visual Design Editor (not available)  
Teknowledge and Ontology Works Agent Semantic Communications Service a search service capable of coping with the semantic heterogeneity of the web No specific tools, use of SiRPAC