A collection of Semantic Web resources

The vision of the Semantic Web will be realized through development of languages for semantic annotation of Web documents, ontologies to model domains, technologies and methodologies for building multi-agent systems, semantic interoperation of programs that have been developed totally independently, technologies and methodologies for describing, searching and composing Web Services, and much more. A load of information about Web Services etc. can be found here https://topwritingservice.com/buy-annotated-bibliography/ I often use free samples and guidelines. 

My research interest revolves around DAML+OIL (its predecessors and successors), tools to work on it and some of its application areas. Thus most of the resources that this page points to are related to DAML+OIL. For a broader collection of Semantic Web resources I would suggest the portals 

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My choice for coding is Java I am listing the tools I use but you will find a lot of DAML tools and a wish list of future DAML tools from the DAML site. Also RDF tools by Dave Beckett, Open source XML tools and XML Cover pages are worth checking out
What is the Semantic Web anyway? Resources for the First Timers 

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Note: A  fairly up to date collection is maintained by Enrico Franconi

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5th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems Position Paper deadline: 15th November 2002: Submitted a paper on use of agents to facilitate ontology reuse

International Semantic Web Conference 2003
Paper deadline: 15 April 2003 

International Workshop on Semantic Web and Application Technologies, Nara, Japan
Paper deadline: 15 December 2002 


  • WWW10  
  • International Workshop on Description Logics (DL2001) Stanford
  • IJCAI-01 Workshop on E-Business & The Intelligent Web
  • Workshop on Ontologies in Agent Systems        
    in the 5th International Conference on Autonomous Agents
  • Semantic Web Workshop (SWWS)

Journals and other publications 

  • IEEE Intelligent Systems special issue on SEMANTIC WEB TECHNOLOGY: Early 2001
  • Electronic Journal

BooK: Ontologies: A Silver Bullet for Knowledge Management and Electronic Commerce by Fensel






Jena the leading DAML+OIL API

Sergey Melnik's famous RDF API: Used by a lot of DAML and RDF/RDFS tools


Jen Golbeck's perl script

Chimæra for creating and maintaining distributed ontologies on the web 

Ontolingua  for providing a distributed collaborative environment to browse, create, edit, modify, and use ontologies

Editor and other Tools

OntoEdit: Ontology Engineering Environment. NOT open source but freely usable in Binary form. Works with DAML-OIL December Version<?>

OILed: OIL editor (but capable of importing DAML) can be coupled with Fact Reasoner to check for  consistencies

Protege - and RDF enabled Knowledge Base Editor

The Validating RDF Parser (VRP)  FRODO RDFSViz an RDF Visualization tool. It can be used as an online service or downloaded

W3C SiRPAC It can be used as an online service or downloaded